RISPRO-KI JOINT CALL for South East Asia-European Union Joint Funding Scheme 2019 FAQ

What are the specific requirements for this Asean-Europe partnering scheme?

Should be research consortium consist of 2 SEA countries + 1 EU or vice versa.

What is the scope of European countries? Are the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe included?

All of the existing members of EU including Easten Europe which participate in JFS scheme. Their participation represented by their funding institution that signed LoI (detail can be seen in www.sea.eu.jfs.ec/calls).

How much funding is available for Indonesian research team each year and what is the duration?

Up to IDR 2 billion each year for each proposal for duration of 3 year (National Regulation Indonesia-LPDP).

What are the requirements for Indonesian Principal Investigor?

3 international publication in Q2 jurnal, has MOU or agreement with foreign partners, and will product scientific excellence (3 international publication in which 2 of them in Q1 journal, patent, prototype, and/or social engineering models).

Is there limitations for the number of researchers?

No limitation in the numbers of researchers. It is encourage to engage PhD candidates as research assistance. Every PI is expected just submit 1 proposal.

Is there any assistance in getting European partner?

Yes. To find the EU partner can be assisted through National Contact Person (NCP) that can be found in the JFS website or DIPI’s dissemination event, S&T attache of EU embassy, or partnering tool in the JFS website.

How to apply for this particular grant?

Through PT-online.