A merit based scientific evaluation and review process lies at the foundation of DIPI’s assessment procedure to ensure that the most promising scientific investigations of highest merit, scientific impact and potential are given priority for selection. This requires a system that allows for a just and fair method of assessment and evaluation that is objective and free from personal bias.

DIPI invites well qualified scientists from Indonesia and abroad to volunteer their time to support the mission of creating a scientific culture of excellence in Indonesia through the establishment of a strong scientific merit review process at DIPI.

Qualifications to volunteer as DIPI peer reviewer include publication record, expertise in the relevant field, research funding history, other scientific achievements and/or recommendations from colleagues in the field.  Public representatives may serve as reviewers to provide perspective from a social impact point of view, or individuals with knowledge of technology transfer may also serve as reviewers.

Appointments are made without discrimination on the basis of age, ethnicity, gender, disability, cultural, religious, and/or socioeconomic status.

As a peer reviewer, you would be asked to evaluate assigned proposals for intellectual merit and broader development impacts (each proposal is roughly 10 pages each, not including CVs, support letters, and budget forms).

Peer reviewers will be given about 3 to 4 weeks (from late August to late September 2016) to complete their reviews online. Assigned proposals will be accessible electronically through our online application system and reviewers will be asked to enter their ratings and written comments in the online review form. No in person meeting or conference calls will be required and all reviews will be kept anonymous.

Reviewers should ensure not disclose aspects of their own research or any other identifying elements in their evaluation of the candidate’s proposal. Reviewers are discouraged from discussing and exposing their role in the public and mass/social media during the selection process. Discussions, application materials (except those in the public domain), and information about conflicts of interest and assignments of individual reviewers to particular applications are strictly confidential.

The overall review process is confidential to ensure that sensitive information is protected. Reviewers’ identities are based on a strict observance of anonymity, they are never shared with applicants.

Members must disclose any possible or perceived conflict of interest(s) which is defined as competing personal interest(s) that could affect, or could appear to affect, an individual’s judgment or could cause the individual’s impartiality to be questioned.  Disclosure of potential conflict of interest and adherence to DIPI standards of ethics and scientific integrity is declared by a signing a Conflict of Interest Certification form prior to assignment of proposals for review process.

Reviewers must have a good command of English and must be willing to help us review at least two proposals each year in his/her field that will be written in English.  We especially encourage those active or retired scientists who are editors and reviewers of peer-reviewed journals. Preference is given to volunteer reviewers who have published a total of at least 5 papers in national and/or international peer-reviewed journals in their field of expertise.

If you are interested to volunteer as a peer reviewer for DIPI, please fill in this EXPRESSION OF INTEREST form. Once filled, we will add your name in DIPI’s reviewers database and call upon you in August should we receive applications that align with your expertise.

(Disclaimer: The information provided will be held confidential and processed under strict observance of anonymity. The final decision of selecting reviewers for particular DIPI grant call for proposals is at the final discretion of DIPI.)

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