DIPI is legally established

Jakarta, 8 March 2016 President Joko Widodo has signed the Presidential Decree of which embodies the alteration of Indonesian Academy of Sciences’ (AIPI) governance. The decree (Keppres No.9/2016) was signed on February 29th 2016, much to the anticipation as it includes the legal basis to establish Indonesian Science Fund (dIPI, Dana Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia), among others. dIPI is an autonomous body under the auspices of AIPI that directly funds scientists and engineers to produce the world-class research needed to build Indonesia’s global competitiveness.

“This is an important leap to the advancement of science in Indonesia. We are very thankful for the presidential support,” said Professor Sangkot Marzuki, President of AIPI, March 8th 2016. dIPI offers proper rewards and support for scientists who dedicate their efforts towards quality in-depth scientific research to achieve scientific excellence. Thus, it is expected to boost the continuous endeavor to meet the challenges of today’s globalized society through the advancement of science.

Many countries have found that robust scientific capacity is crucial for nations to be able to grow, improve, and thrive. “By creating an independent, open system of financial support for scientific research,dIPI hopes to provide the leverage needed to nurture an environment of scientific excellence in Indonesia,” said Professor Marzuki. This is especially urgent as we face ever more challenges and complexities of the global society that hightened the need of scientific comprehension. The history of recent Asian economic development, especially among the Asian “Tigers”—India, China and South Korea, lend credence to this scenario.

The need for dIPI was proposed in the report Creating an Indonesian Science Fund, a collaboration between AIPI, the World Bank, and Australian Aid in 2012. Throughout the years, AIPI has suceeded in gathering support from the Government of Indonesia, United States, and Australia. The intiative to establish ISF was later launched during the commemoration of AIPI’s 25th anniversary on May 2015, with the support from Indonesia’s Minister of Finance, Bambang P.S. Brodjonegoro and former Minister of of National Development Planning, Andrinof Chaniago. The presidential support through the decree is the ultimate support needed for the establishment of the ISF.

dIPI has the capacity to raise funding from the government of Indonesia, as well as other funds from private and international sources. The initial and principal funding for dIPI is provided by the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP).